Students and landlords

graydate Jan 28, 2018 grayuser Natalie Suozzo
graylist Housing, Landlords, Students

I am currently a sophomore at Bentley University and am involved in Greek life with one of the 4 sororities on campus. Although our sororities do not have houses, the fraternities typically do. In general, finding housing as a college student can be very challenging due to the fact that landlords and home renters are distrustful of students. Although a lot of this is a generalization and we hope that this is not true for everyone, this is based off real instances and experiences. I think being a college student should not imply that we’re “irresponsible” or “partiers.”

However, as this article from Boston Globe shows student rentals, landlords also deserve a share of criticism. The cleanliness of the homes is low and they are rarely maintained/upgraded. A large majority of my friends from all over the country rent apartments or homes while attending school and it’s surprising and shocking what some landlords get away with. We all wish this process could be easier and more trusting and now it can be. As students, we all use Rate my Professor to gain insight into potential professors, and now we can do the same for our landlords. is very similar to Rate my Professor. To use you simply search an address you’re considering and can become aware of previous renters’ experiences. Like Rate my Professor, you are encouraged to leave both positive and negative reviews. Ultimately, Safestan hopes that everyone can have a positive experience. Not only will your review benefit others, but it can also aid the landlords and give them feedback while motivating them to take care of their customers. is working hard to bring transparency to the home rental market and make the world a safer place for all!

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