Not every landlord is a slumlord.

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In the following article;  Abused mother gets help from landlord, charity from Wichita Falls, Texas, illustrates there are responsible landlords out there. Sadly articles like this are few in numbers because people do not always reward good customer service with reviews or praises.

We at the Safestan know that the majority of landlords are decent and reliable people who want to provide tenants with safe homes. While we do want to provide a platform where renters can feel comfortable talking about their bad experiences with their landlords, we also want to use this space to reward those landlords who provide safe and reliable housing for their tenants. Unfortunately, renters do not leave reviews for these responsible landlords.

We want to change that and we would like to remind renters that the other way to build safe and reliable housing for us all is to leave praise for landlords who offer exceptional customer service. We make it easy for you to leave a review for your landlord. Help us spread the word and encourage others to review their landlords by using the Twitter hashtag #ReviewYourLandlord.

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