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2421 Bentzen Circle, Anchorage, AK, 99517


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1 thoughts on “Terrace on the Lake | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

You know who this is February 02, 2020

This place is such a joke. It is extremely overpriced for the crap you get. Half the time I have to ask my husband to save me a parking spot because there is hardly any. You get one permanent spot per apartment. After a certain time there is no parking and you have to drive around to find a spot. You can barely see the paint on the spots to know if they belong to an apartment. The leasing office plays favorites. Yes,my husband got a few noise complaints. And residents had good reason to complain. But they are too good to knock and ask people to be quiet. Quiet hours are from 7am-9pm or is it 10 PM? Because I was told two different times. As I'm writing this at 1:00 am I can hear my neighbors outside. They actually woke me up. But I'm sure they will not get a notice about the noise they made. I talked to the leasing office about the complaints and he told me that he goes around and asks the residents how we have been. And he believes everything they say without actual proof. Not once have I or my husband been asked how my neighbors have been. I complained a couple days ago about someone smoking in one of the apartments. The guy at the leasing office said he would ask if people have been smoking indoors. And he assured me that no one was and defended every one who does smoke, saying they would never do that. Apparently he doesn't know these people too well. And they believe that they can do what they want because they are on his good list. I still have smelled smoke in my apartment the last two days. And I haven't heard anything back from the leasing office. They haven't followed up with me. I guess they only care when older white folks have a issue with people. I GUESS SINCE I'M NOT A OLDER WHITE PERSON I DESERVE TO INHALE SECOND HAND SMOKE AND HAVE MY BELONGINGS SMELL LIKE STALE CIGARETTES. The chain smoking is so terrible that my throat and nose closes up and gets dry. I have had to buy dry mouth lozenges so I don't choke in my sleep. I'm sure if it was my husband smoking in the apartment we would get a notice about it. As soon as I moved in here there was an issue with the toilet. It leaked water all over the floor whenever it flushed and the water had a horrible smell. The maintenance man told me that in the summer the toilet tank sweats. I guess he didn't care enough to fix it. There was never any sweat on the tank. The toilet just leaks. The sink in the kitchen also has a terrible smell. Nothing was done. I was given stuff to use on it and it didn't help. There is a lady that harrassed my husband and his cousin for months. The neighbors have dogs that just bark and bark at all times. Unless you are an older white person the people that run this place won't give two craps about you. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR ANGER. IT SUCKS WHEN PEOPLE MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE LESSER THAN OTHERS. Then neighbor care is poor. I guess here in Alaska they are used to snow and ice. The ice in the apartment complex hasn't been taken care of at all. WATCH YOUR STEP AROUND THESE PARTS. YOU MIGHT SLIP AND BRAKE SOMETHING. I WONDER WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE DURING THE REALLY COLD MONTHS. During the summer all day and night you hear planes. And some of them are so close the apartment building shakes. ***I'm so ready to break the lease and get out of this expensive crap hole*** They allow the tenants to smoke in the apartment and do nothing about