Swan creek

Cheryl Parkway 5160, Fitchburg, WI, 53711


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1 thoughts on “Swan creek" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident September 03, 2022

STAY AWAY!!! When I first moved in when the building opened in 2010 everything was great till 2019, since then we have had several managers, maintenance people. The motto is for the Weinder property company is they care! Should be we care only about getting the huge rent! I could go on and on about how they don’t care at all, they talk like they do but it’s just talk! The hallway carpets desperately need cleaning and the walls need painting, we have been told for 3 years that it’s going to be done. You are lucky to get a new furnace filter once a year and the apt., handbook tells you they will be changed monthly. It’s been well over 3 years since my outside part of air conditioner has been cleaned, deck boards are more green than the original brown color as it’s been over 3 years since they have been power washed. Windows leak when it rains, several apartment units need new air conditioners, so you can expect very high bills if you get one of those apartments or for it to even work. Trash room is always a total disgrace, so Do Not go in there a few dark as you don’t know what type of animal you will see, and the door no longer locks and it’s supposed to be! Security cameras haven’t been working for over 2 months, have issues with our security door being braced open, can complain but nothing ever happens. The new rental leases for us that have been here for a few years went up over 13% and we don’t get anything in return. Plus they now charge for a parking space. Only Perk is a Two person gym a block away with limited hours you can use it. For many of us we moved here as No dogs were allowed, but I now have a EMS dog above me who they let out on there deck to pee, so I have reported several times but I am told there is nothing that can be done! So very wrong to have No rights! Hopefully snow removal will be better this year or else several people will be late for work like last year and would say city will get called because sidewalks weren’t always cleaned last year and it’s an ordinance. I could go on but I think you get the general idea and going to the higher ups haven’t helped any at all just get the lip service.