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154 South Owens Road, KY, 40313


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1 thoughts on “Cedar Creek Village | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident June 14, 2019

The landlord is a nice and reasonable guy. You can be late on rent or make payments as long you let him know what's going on. However, this place is overpriced, poorly built, and looks awful. The flooring is done wrong, there's gaps where you can see the old laminate tile and when it switches from hardwood to carpet, the carpet doesn't even stay down. There are holes in walls and doors, which are poorly painted with unmatching paint. The carpets are dirty and when asked, they refused to have it cleaned. The WiFi goes out all the time, the toilet leaks when you flush it- IF it flushes, and the water faucet handles don't work correctly. The maintenance and bug men come in whether you open the door or not and the maintenance man almost let my cat out one day and told me he'd keep an eye open for it and then I watched him get in his truck and drive away lol. We get this place for a discount because of a flood of another property, which our landlord doesn't let us forget, and what we pay is still extremely overpriced for what we're getting. We were told we had more time to move out, only to be told one day at about 1pm that if we weren't out by midnight that night that we would be held responsible for the next month's rent and also wouldn't get our $750 deposit back, despite there being no damages caused on our part. The maintenance man was extremely rude about the situation and LITERALLY almost got into a fist fight with my roommate's father. The lack of professionalism is unreal. I would not recommend these apartments unless you were absolutely desperate to find something.