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1 thoughts on “Residence" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Valerie November 21, 2021

Owner, Sheila Jenkins, is a nasty controlling omnipresent person.She raised the rent significantly after only two months. Owner throws out your food with asking first. You're not allowed to launder clothing and there is no laundermat closeby. She complains if you sit on the couch in the family room. You're not allowed to cook or do anything in the kitchen and she is there all of the time. The living room is a litterbox for her two dogs and it is adjacent to the dining area. They will go poop while you are eating. She puts the dog bowls on top of the food preparation area. When her dogs drink water and drip water on the floor she blames it on you. She cooks chicken for the dogs everyday and takes up most of the space in the freezer and there is no room for your food and she will throw your food out. If you have a bike you cannot put it in thee garage, it has to be outside in the elements such as heavy rain. She threw out frozen frood that was perfectly good and did not compensate for the loss. She charges $8/month for papertowels and napkins and she counts the napkins. She is in the house literally 24/7, watching and controlling. She counts the minutes that you take a shower and complains about her bills. She is a horrible horrible person. Do not rent from her. She says that "you get to live in a 700K house", in reality she gets to live there because of the rents that she collects. The only thing one can do in that house is to stay holed up in your room. She invades a person's privacy. You're not allowed to have a guest under any circumstances. She genrally has a nasty personality. She doesn't claim her rent income to the IRS.