Locust Rd. 2675, Montrose, CO, 81401


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1 thoughts on “Residence" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident July 02, 2023

Scott and Amie Middleton are slumlords. They pocket all rental fees and deposits while refusing to maintain the property. The grounds were filthy and overgrown with animal feces from a previous tenant's pets that is still along the perimeter of the yard. Everything is in its original state (from the early 80's?) with little to no repairs having been made. Rust and mold residue is present throughout with water damage present. The house on Locust Rd. is in SERIOUS NEED of TLC which Scott and Amie simply refuse to take care of. Broken fences/gates, missing and broken light fixtures, filthy and missing window screens, broken plumbing, (that finally got so bad, it made a hole in the ceiling of the finished basement with mold present), and missing closet doors on the main level. They were well aware of these problems and refused to fix them. Worst landlords ever!! There was so much lip service that I simply stopped communicating with them unless it was via text or email. Making empty promises, then doubling back and denying they ever uttered the words was a common practice. If you see this property at 2675 Locust Rd. for rent, sign the lease at your own peril. YOU will be stuck with a place that is falling apart!