3220 69th st apt B9 3220 69th ST apt B9, galveston, Texas, 77551


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1 thoughts on “Residence" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident September 29, 2022

Be careful with this one. the landlord is one of the most dangerous individuals you can meet..... someone who is extremely stupid, yet thinks they are smart. He's OCD, so he will find any excuse not to give you back your security deposit. I did a walk through with the property manager, and he was satisfied with the condition of the apartment. The landlord went through it almost three weeks later, he dinged me for two bowls in the sink, the lint trap in the dryer had not been emptied. He claimed there was an animal smell from my little dog (which per the lease was allowed in the apartment) the property manager assured him there was no animal smell. there were some fuzz balls on the sofa (or as the landlord told me... "there were fuss balls") normal wear and tear. He had a cheap toaster that had some discoloration on the top of the toaster, probably from the heat, the stove had some grease baked into the bottom, probably from fat or something dripping. It was there when we moved in. There were two small waste baskets in the bathroom, one had some trash in, mostly paper, things like junk mail that had been thrown away. The other had one small folded up diaper. According to the landlord, (Reggie Thompson) the apartment was trashed. Make sure you go through the apartment with a fine-tooth comb and document everything that is wrong with it and send it to either the management company or the landlord. Something else you need to know about Reggie is that he does not read the lease, and I'm not sure he would understand it if he did. He was supposed to send me an itemized list of any issues he found with the apartment, along with the cost of rectifying the problem within thirty days of my surrendering the apartment. I had rented the apartment for one year, and I paid for the full year in advance. I left at the end of July. I told him I did not want any rent money back, just my security deposit. I did the walk through with the property manager on August 2nd and surrendered the apartment at that time. I never got an itemized list, all I got were pictures of what Reggie thought was a trashed apartment. He then arbitrarily decided on how much of my security deposit he was going to refund. I had a 1,350.00-security deposit, he sent back 400.00 dollars. I let it go just to have him out of my life. He has never been a landlord before, and he doesn't know what he's doing. The sink on the left leaks if you fill it with water to soak dishes. The toilet ran constantly, the bathtub is disgusting, and when we moved in, the bottom of our feet became black from walking around barefoot because of how dirty the floors were.