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1 thoughts on “Deserama" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident August 27, 2023

Where to begin... When we first moved here, management was kind and polite. Shortly thereafter, she was let go under new ownership, and there has been no one representative of management for years after that. It ran itself. All was well for a long time. Then, a period of new people moved in, and I do not know if they are just bored, or just horrible human beings, but things went down hill quickly. Several managers continue to come and go. Each more of a tyrant than the previous one. One of them resigned because she said she was asked to make reports about certain tenants, and lie about things, and did not feel comfortable doing so. Makes us question those that did not leave, or have stated since then. Our son and his girlfriend come to assist us with our daily needs. They come early, and a lot of times stay late. Mostly they come daily, but work dictates sometimes only one of them, and others we get neither. But that is a rarity. Recently, an employee, or ex-employee, not sure which, or if it matters, tried to tell our son that they were not allowed to be here everyday, that there are rules that need to be followed. My children are allowed to visit me every day, 365 days a year. Why these people are concerned with other people's lives and visitors is beyond me. Things my son and his friends have experienced since being here: 1)a tenant did not want them here, and did not know them, so he pulled a gun on them. 2) Same tenant said my son's associate's wife could not use the restroom at the rec center because she is Mexican, and did not belong here, then when she used it anyways, stood outside the door and counted down 5 minutes, because he said that is all the time she is allowed. 3)Tenants here have flicked cigarettes at my son, tried to , or threatened to hit him with their vehicles, created wild, fantasies about him, and the help he gives us. 4) Management attempted to video record our daily lives. 5) After catching them taping, and getting in trouble, they then recruited other tenants to document our daily activities and report it back to them. 5) The employees, and the "click" that has been created within the tenants are not subject to any rules, or being given violations. 6) the click had most amenities done away with, and welded the gate out of the back of the community shut so it cannot be used. 7) the click did not like another tenant or her visitors and family, and when they had guests park in guest parking spaces, they slashed their tires. 8) They have use of the pool during any hours, but kick everyone else out at 9 p.m. sharp. 9) click member/employee walking a dog(which the breed is #1 on the list not being allowed here)and it bit my son. Tried to get his face but got an arm instead. Refused(still to this day)to give shot records, or their insurance information. 10) The same employee was one of the ones caught video taping us previously, and was the one walking the dog. 11) Kicked tenants out for having things for sale in yard/out front instead of the once a year they allow for the entire park, while the employees can have items for sale in their driveways every day of the year. 12) policy requires violations to be able to be viewed from the street, but will cross through multiple yards, and sneak around homes to see if anyone is hiding things they do not know about, and write them up for it. 13) The lot rent has increased 6 times over the past couple of years, and is nearly double what it was. 14) The pool states it is for residents and their guests, but they require us to be with our son at all times there, while their grandchildren, etc. have free reign, and access to all amenities without a resident. 15) My son and family members that visit are yelled at, called names, and followed. Wonder how they would react if this was done to their family and friends? We are in our mid and late 80's now, and it isn't like our children are teens. They are grown adults, who own their own homes, and have households of their own to run and care for. They chose to, and we welcome it, to visit us as much as their lives allow for it. To tell anyone anything different is lying, and cannot produce any policy or law telling us to the contrary. WE, as do all others, have the right to a quiet, peaceful, enjoyment of our home, and the lot we pay to use. It has become an atmosphere created by a small group of people that resembles something akin to Germany or the Weimar Republic, just prior to WW2. These people are so busy telling on other people that they forget they are breaking more rules than the ones they are telling on. And God forbid they decide you do not belong here at all. They will go to extra ordinary lengths to come together and have you evicted by whatever means becomes necessary to do so. The rent is not as bad as other places, even after the rate hikes. The park does not have the "come and relax, you are old, you deserve some quiet time" , most other 55+ parks try to maintain. While there are others who have relatives, friends, etc. actually living with them, they do not want, nor believe anyone else deserves anyone to visit them at all. So, in summary, NO, I do not recommend this place to live for anyone, at any time. I do not know if there is any hope of fixing it at this point. Our income is fixed, and any issue that could cause us to relocate could very well mean us being homeless at the drop of a hat. Great thoughts. Glad we get to enjoy our retirement in peace and quiet. Property management, also the owners, should be so ashamed of themselves. They would do well to remember that not only their parents, but they themselves will one day be this age, and they may be creating the foundation for exactly how they will be treated when their time comes. Until there is drastic change, my review of 1 star stands, only because to leave a written review, I have to award one, undeserved star