Delaware on Primrose | Landlord Review

1717 East Primrose Street, Springfield, MO, 65804


Delaware on Primrose | Landlord Review ★★★★★ 4.5
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7 thoughts on “Delaware on Primrose | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Ashley September 01, 2022

Great apartments! Love that that everything’s nearby

Angela Petrausch August 26, 2022

I'm happy here, going on my second year. Great location, love my apartment, landscaping kept up, got a new fenced in dog park. Nice and helpful landlord. The only downside is lack of maintenance workers but all in all it's great.

Brandi C July 30, 2022

Great place, especially for a first time apartment. Friendly management and close to shopping.

Selena February 28, 2022

Great first place to live at! Thankful for this company!

Ashley September 28, 2021

These apartments are great! Love the pool and pet policy.

Residentjay June 30, 2021

I live here at Delaware on Primrose and love it. The manager Catrina is great.

Joseph P November 07, 2020

We are very happy living at Delaware on primrose Apartments. This is a well-maintained property and is charming and quiet. We will continue to live here for the foreseeable future.