Conifer Creek

2205 South Racine Way, Aurora, CO, 80014


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1 thoughts on “Conifer Creek" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident July 25, 2022

Avoid, I promise it is not worth the headache of dealing with this place. Two days before I was scheduled to move, they called and told me I had to change apartments or wait at least 7 days, this caused an huge headache in having to change my address to the new unit, in turn I haven't received my mail since I moved in 25 days ago. There were many issues with the other unit I had to move into, the staff does not care. The manager called me and assured me that they would all be fixed, it's now been two weeks since that call and all of the issues are still present. Feel free to email me directly at for additional details. Here is what I'm dealing with currently No bathroom door - the maintenance man that came to fix it, drilled and cut for 2 hours and then came up to me and said I quit, this place sucks. He left the entire mess for me to clean up and I still have no door. No A/C - AC runs all day and night and it only cools to 80 degrees. The unit's blinds were dirty, missing and broken, issue still not fixed. Fireplace was "decorated" with contact paper which is peeling and looks so trashy. I moved my furniture to completely cover the eye sore. Kitchen faucet - was described as a pullout faucet, it is not it's broken and old and probably original to the building. The carpet, it was new or newish when I moved in, however there is no threshold placed down so it's starting to fray and come apart everywhere. My refrigerator won't shut. The lawn maintenance will shoot the lawn clippings and dirt all over your car. They will refuse to give you a check-in sheet, I asked several times for one. They finally gave me one but it should be given upon move in without waiting two weeks. The grounds are terrible, trash everywhere Parking is also terrible, broken down cars everywhere. The maintenance takes up 3 places right by me for their golf carts day and night. The manager (Jessica) called me once assured me this would all be fixed, now she won't return calls or respond. My address is wrong on my unit, if I were to call 911 they would go to the wrong unit since the address on my door is not the correct unit, causing packages and deliveries to be delivered to the wrong address. I would avoid this place at all costs. They do not care and the place is a dump.