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414 chestnut street 1203, SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts, 01104


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1 thoughts on “Baystate place" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Iam No0ne January 19, 2022

Up until recently there was a manager named Libby Hernandez who is absolutely wonderful. Now she had attitude for sure and if you were in the wrong such as running a criminal Enterprise out of your residence she had a problem with you. If you were months and months and months late on your rent she would definitely try to find you help to rectify that situation due to the fact that everybody needs help at some time. However if you were jerking her chain to get over play in her like a fool, or should I say attempting to cuz she was sharp, as well as being a manipulative Dirtbag for your own personal gain and not being a good tenant at the very least or a good neighbor once again she take it to you! Pretty reasonable. However for some reason Libby is no longer employed as the senior property manager which is a crying shame for a lot of residence the majority of a may not particularly like this apartment complex because at one time it did offer oh, and mind you this is coming from the lips of decent polite and good neighbors miles incidentally the majority of them are senior citizens for retirees I fixed income or low income. That this place a few years ago had some wonderful amenities such as bus trips to the casino to eat nights or various trips and perks for the disabled, the elderly, senior citizens, people who may be low income or low middle income but rest assure AR still wanting to enjoy their lives and the time that we all have on this Earth that we can agree is finite and precious to us all, and now none of those programs exist so this new manager who took over the senior property manager is Jessica b e r t o t h y, who I believe personally is racist at the very least and this is probably the second time I've ever said that on a public forum. Very rude and for some reason thinks that because she is a quote on quote manager that that's something that entitles her to be rude in less than helpful to the residence which I witnessed with senior citizens we're just basically insulted by this girl after being interrupted in the private conversation she's about 28 ish Caucasians at the very least am I experience the compulsive liar true fact unhelpful horrible at her job and for some reason thinks that being a "manager" is something akin to being a brigadier general in the military that being said I wonder if a manager at this apartment complex is a senior position to that of a manager at McDonald's or Burger King but I can't figure that one out yet. Her partner Mike Woods is a person I've dealt with he also is sneaky unhelpful and definitely in the wrong position because if its position is to be rude or unhelpful Anna detrimental to his job example of how bad this place has has two elevators my section of the apartment building one of them has broken for over a year and a half I'm calling the mayor's office I was invited down and told by the nearest assistant that this particular building Baystate Place Apartments is a problem for the mayor's office meeting specifically that there is almost unlimited complaints all of which are pretty much negative and it all has to do with slumlord type of tactics it seems that this Mike Woods and Jessica are weird that disabled persons and elderly make up 80% of the population of this building and they couldn't be less helpful. As a matter of fact 13-story is Jessica seen the property manager went to court was taken to court by a resident son who is the full-time caregiver he's African-American she said that she was afraid for her life even though he's the one that took her to court and she petitioned beer parent company Beacon for full-time Springfield Police Department protection for her exclusively and that is a true story the first two or three months Springfield police were protecting her by the way they charge this parent company the Homes apartment buildings near $4,000 a week to cover the officers protection detail is sit in the lobby it's exclusively for protecting Jessica and she said she was scared of her life even though this young black gentlemen is only 5 ft 2 in tall and she is 57 or 58 and it seems that she does nothing but want this gentleman at least that's what I observed. So a person that goes to court and lies for fake police protection to the tune of $4,000 a week to make could probably do better in another position instead of lying in court in which those funds could be used to actually repair the elevator for the residence. I would never move here unless at gunpoint