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930 930 Northwest 25th Place, Portland, OR, 97210


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1 thoughts on “930 NW 25th Place | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Ollie May 19, 2019

You have to be an ignorant follower to live in any Prometheus apartment. All they want is your money and everyone else’s. You think your going to pay $1300 a month BUT that does no include anything!!! You will pay out your nose for everything that they add on. Oh you want water??? You’ll only get a dribble and it won’t be warm...electricity, trash, pets, parking...we charge you for EVERYTHING and will do as Lillie as possible to get by. And when you move out we will charge you for everything we did not fix before you moved in. They are backed by billionaires and guess where they got that money!! From owning apartments in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. All three just happen to be places that people can no longer afford to live. Well the billionaires have to make their money!! And it is not by accident. They have bought enough property that they can manipulate the market. We have the nastiest cheapest hallway carpeting. And the building was supposed to get painted last year. Oh, and those trees you see in the photo? They are cutting them down in two days so they don’t have to pay for trimming each year. They are four stories tall and beautiful, and have lots of birds living in them!!! But who cares? It’s ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY!!!