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9 Homestead Avenue, Quincy, MA, 02169


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1 thoughts on “9 Homestead Ave | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident March 15, 2019

This is a 2 family house rental is on the 1st floor and landlords live on the second. It is a good size apartment and the stove, fridge and washer machine have been replaced less than 5 years ago. Private washer and dryer are in the apt. Rent has been fairly low for us here and they only raised it 150$ Whole time we’ve been here. The Biggest issues are the yearly flea infestations&getting deposit back. My family has never had animals or pets here this whole time and the first 2-3 years the landlords didn’t either after they got cats and a dog the house was infested with fleas every single year! They never acknowledged it until we would bring it up so by than the infestation would be really bad than after that they would usually admit they saw fleas on their dog. Not only has there been fleas every year but we would have to spray 2-4x a year because the landlord always wanted to use store spray first until calling exterminators. I was told by multiple exterminators that is had to be from their animals since we didn’t have any and their dog had them. The flea infestations and how they handled them were the main issues other than that the only thing was occasional leaks from their ac or pipes. Also we gave our notice of moving 2 months ahead and were told we’d get our security deposit back but now weeks before moving we are fighting for even half not because of damage but because he didn’t put it in escrow like supposed to and said he doesn’t usually give it all back. We have kept the apt in good condition even changed ceiling tiles with water stains for free and with permission re painted all the walls. We asked for at least half because we did ask for a extra week into the month but not sure we will even get that. Without fleas and if they gave security deposit back when no damage it wouldn’t be a bad place to rent but I highly suggest to anyone living here to put of sticky flea traps the ones with lights every summer to catch flea infestation early.