802 Taft Park

802 Taft Park, Metairie, LA, 70001


802 Taft Park ★★★☆☆ 3
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2 thoughts on “802 Taft Park" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident September 20, 2022

My husband and I just bought a home and rented from this landlord for over a year. He was very professional and informative - not to mention the immediate attention when we needed him.I would highly recommend renting this very cute totally updated little cottage if ever available and it fits your need.

Resident November 28, 2021

The landlord is very unprofessional. He will enter the property without your knowledge whenever he wants. He comes over unannounced numerous occasions. He makes inappropriate passes to women. He makes unfulfilled promises to fix things on the property but doesn’t follow through. And when you confront him about any of these issues he becomes angry and threatens you. Not only illegally evicting you but also not returning your deposit claiming damage was done to the property that falls under normal wear and tear. He will at least be swift to fix something if it’s extremely important. If you rent from him, document absolutely everything because as soon as things go sideways, he will try and use anything against you. I would suggest definitely having some type of security surveillance to prove his unannounced visits and or inappropriate behavior. Save any conversations or messages about any interactions or anything about the property. Have proof of payments. Have before and after pictures. Everything! He will seem nice at first and his demeanor will make you think you don’t have to do any of this. But he will do a complete 180 if things don’t go his way. Please be careful and aware.