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749 Center Street, Middleborough, MA, 02346


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1 thoughts on “749 Center St | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Slum lord hater May 04, 2019

This place is total shit hole has no yard driveway constantly floods there is no insulation in walls during the winter you can actually feel the wind blowing thru the walls and oil heat on top of that with outdated system that was hacked in your looking at filling oiltank once a month just to keep it at 63degrees...and when it snows a lot of shoveling can't hire a plow or Mr slum lord will take you to court...Mr slum lord is extremely money hungry and will never fix a thing cause he can't afford it..the only time he does anything is between tenants he can't keep anyone in there for more than2 years at a time then tries taking you to court because he sucks guy is total hack...this house and Mr slum lord should be burnt down...I highly suggest not to rent this place its crooked as hell all floors warp in many different ways there's squirrels and mice running thru the walls every where the back stairs are a hazard surprised nobody has sewed this slum lord for all the falls and broken ankles ...it's on main road during nice weather there's so much traffic you can't hear a thing....and make sure you put surveillance cameras in every corner cause Mr slummy likes to go creaping during the day while everyone is at work....highly suggest stay away from this one....