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600 McPherson Street, Oxford, AL, 36203


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1 thoughts on “600 McPherson St | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Mary March 20, 2020

These apartments are run down and in very bad shape! They need to be shut down asap! The owner of these old apartments is taking advantage of poor and disadvantaged people! He has a landlord who lives on the premises and does nothing to improve these apartments or any type of maintenance! An elderly woman has to stand on a kitchen stool to turn her kitchen light on! Another tenant there has electrical problems while another has plumbing problems! The landlord claims it is rented as is hateful and bossy to his tenants! All he or the landlord cares about is getting the rent money while doing nothing to improve these apartments! It is a disgrace that good people who have to live like this! It is pure discrimination against the disabled, the low income people, children, and the elderly. The owner was notified but nothing was done! The landlord will not even tell his tenants who owns these apartments because he knows he is doing these people wrong! I had to call the court house in order to find out who the owner was! The landlord is a jerk to his tenants and gets mad anytime a tenant asked for work to be done on their apartment! When he does say he will fix something he only puts it off for months! Then when he does fix something it is always done wrong! In fact he gave a tenant a light switch to put it in herself while she is not an electrician! Most tenants are female. Some are young while one is elderly. The others are young and disabled. These people are being taken advantage of and this is no way for children or families to live! I left there but I am going to see what I can do because these apartments are unsafe and unlivable! My hall ceiling was close to collapsing before I moved and the lock was about to come off the front door! This is clearly discrimination of women the elderly and low income people! This should not be allowed to continue! These apartments need to be condemned immediately!