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532 Nebraska Avenue, Long Beach, CA, 90802


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3 thoughts on “532 Nebraska Ave | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident August 08, 2019

This building is not up to code ....I didn't know til it was too late. No heating unit it's against the law. Landlord has to provide heat not heat from the oven!!!! Warning landlord will blame you if something goes wrong in your unit. He lies big time!!

Resident July 10, 2019

Slum Lord that says it all. Your better off living in the streets or your car. I had to give a star to post ,but this place really gets no stars!!! Don't live here!! Run!!

Resident July 10, 2019

No stars!! this place sucks! Worst place I've ever lived. The landlord is a slum Lord all he cares about is the money. The grounds outside are not kept up .feces everywhere ,gates are broken,trash and items ...refrigerators,mattresses ,couches .I've emailed,and spoke with landlord. He has not taking care of issue. Thank God I'm an exterminator so I've debugged my place. This place was to good to be true. What a big mistake BIG MISTAKE!! Can't wait to move out of this dump. Please people do your home work before moving in anyplace. I was in a hurry to find a place .This is what happens the apartment from #@¡¡ .