5075 Spyglass Hill Dr

5075 Spyglass Hill Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89142


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None Resident Buyer BEWARE October 07, 2021

BEWARE seems like a SCAM for application fees. When applying for a unit, DO NOT send them your CHECKING account information. Use a DEBIT or CREDIT CARD instead so that you can dispute the transaction if needed. And you will most likely need to. I started the application process for myself and another occupant. After paying for myself I called Stonegate and was told that the other applicant would be sent a link to apply as well. I was told that the application process could not begin until all adult occupants had applied and paid the application fee. 3 days later I noticed that Not only did the 2nd occupant NEVER receive a link but the unit price had drastically CHANGED. I called Stonegate again and asked them to refund my app fee given that the application process could not start ( the 2nd occupant never sent a link or applied) and the new cost of the unit was now out of our range. I was told that someone would call me back. They NEVER DID. I called and emailed 4-5 times more times over a 3 week period but was given the same response. Someone will call you back. The only thing that these folks will do is take money out of your account and leave you hanging. On 10/6/21 I checked complaints about Stonegate and noticed a pattern of them doing this to others.