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43449 33rd Street West, Lancaster, CA, 93536


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1 thoughts on “43449 33rd St W | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident July 07, 2019

Home is nice but Not the best experience we had with the landlord. We took care of the home as if it’s our own and in the end they made sure that they will not return our deposit with repairs that is overcharged and exaggerated. For sure they will sweet talk you when you come and see the house. Then, when you’re living there the male landlord is rude and arrogant. The wife on the other hand schedules repairs according to her time and not ours. One time the garage broke on a holiday they didn’t reimburse us because they said we didn’t give them a 24 hour turn around time. How could we? The garage door was wide open and could put us in danger if we wait for them to send someone to fix it the following day. we called to let them know even if they told us already that they don’t answer their phones on weekends and holiday. That means no house issues even if its emergency should occur during those days. Very inconsiderate selfish people. I wish we just opted to live in a smaller home with less rent or an apartment for 3 years! There’s better rental homes out there in a better area in AV!