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The Park at Armond victim August 02, 2018

They steal your deposit so dont expect that back. They charge you two months rent if you dont submit in writing on their form that you are not extending your lease, and you are required to keep renters insurance, water, electric on for the apartment for those 2 months even while no one lives there and they refuse to accept the keys without threats of additional fees and court litigation(after you paid your lease faithfully for 13 months until its conclusion). Tiny carports that dont fit luxury cars, but they claim to be a luxury apartment complex. other parking is not normally available after 6pm near your apartment, or possibly at all. This means you drive around for an hour or much longer hoping to catch someone leaving before other poor souls looking for a spot get it. Most people you see with attached garages open, have them filled with boxes and other debis. They exacerbate the parking issues. Complex staff slow to make repairs, half ass or disapprove some repairs that are needed. They dont care if the fridge ice tastes moldy from decade old filters. A/C does not work well and sometimes not at all. Hole in your tub from a crack long enough to cut you? Not an issue in their opinion until the downstairs neighbors have unwanted rain in their bathroom. They fix tub cracks with glue. Cabinet trim falls off in your hand or onto the floor weekly. Dish washer screws fall out of countertops, cassing dishwasher to fall forward when ever emptied, refused to repair. Two days after paying the rent as always in full and on time they serve us with an eviction notice. Took over an hour to resolve, was told an employee messed up a spreadsheet..... I would not tell my worst enemy to apply to live at The Park at Armond Bayou.