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2672 Fallen Leaf Court, Simi Valley, CA, 93063


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Resident June 12, 2019

The house was poorly managed by the property manager. His name is: Dennis Goobert Associate Broker Remax Olson & Associates 805 520 9000 www.DennisGRealtor.com Through the 10 months that I lived at this residence the property fell apart. (2672 Fallen Leaf Ct. Simi Valley, CA) Sink and toilet broke, made multiple attempts to contact the realtor who was the property manager. He sent out his handyman name Jose who was a straight up idiot. Came in and decided he didn't have the proper tools to fix the sink and toilet so he decided he need to come back. I asked him if he could paint a few spots on the wall that needed touchup. Well the idiot used gloss paint when the walls were matte. He was supposed to return with the correct pieces for the sink and never did. The landscapers were supposed to come twice a month however they only showed every 6-7 weeks. I wanted out of the lease because of the piss poor management and it finally took 2 months to get out and when I got out the property manager and the owner of the house PAUL STYLES out of Michigan began to nickel and dime me on the fact that he claimed that the handyman Jose was not his handyman and that he didn't instruct him to do anything. However Dennis said to contact Jose at the start of our lease for any issue we have. Not only did I have to pay for paint service, but he said that he would help me out with the relisting fee and waited over the legal allowed 21 days to get my check just to find out that it wasn’t the correct amount and that I was charged the relisting fee. STAY AWAY. Beware! They are probably going to say some BS that we went by the book and it was in the contract, but that’s non-sense. Pure unprofessionalism at its finest.