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2445 East Copper Avenue, Fresno, CA, 93730


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Colleen Burroughs July 06, 2019

Moved into a new Apt complex called Tempranillo Apts 2 months ago. I have had nothing but problems since moving in here. The developer registered the wrong address. The wrong city is still listed at this location. For over 2 months now, I cannot get mail, UPS, or any services at all to come here because it is not on the map! Could not get ATT to come fix my TV problem. That means I would have a problem getting first responders here as well! I had bad ant bites, hundreds of ants biting me in inside the apt one day. I have cockroaches in my apt. with one that fell from the ceiling while in the bathtub bathing. My garage door remote opens other residents garage doors. After reporting this for 2 months, it is still not fixed properly. I would find my garage door open many times. Someone was opening my garage door and leaving it open, Luckily, I do not think anything was stolen. One manager refused to get a pest control company when I needed treatment badly. That happened after I filed a complaint with the health dept. I still have many insects and some biting insects. It was in the agreement that they had pest control service. They did not. I had to drive to the store miles away and purchase pesticides and spray. Fresno has reported the West Nile Virus in this city and I had a breeding ground of mosquitos here the first 3 weeks before anyone would take care of that problem. Management made an unauthorized charge on my credit card, charging me much more than my monthly rent without any explanation yet. I am fighting this now. After doing a little research, I found this to be the most expensive rent as I could not find anything comparable as expensive as this place. I thought I was getting a Luxury apartment because they advertised that. Now, I see they took that sign down! I do not have access to the swimming pool. There is supposed to be a gym and package holding room that is still not available for use, yet they are still charging me full rent. In fact, I was surprised to just learn, management charged me much more than my full monthly rent and have not corrected these issues when the contract states they will handle issues within 24 hrs on a business day. I have found beautiful full size homes on a regular lot renting for much less than these apartments. That might explain why they have not gotten very many apartments rented out yet. I will be moving out of here as soon as I can! I am sure I will have a big battle ahead in court fighting for my money and my rights were violated too!