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2301 North Wilbur Road, Spokane Valley, WA, 99206


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Resident July 18, 2018

I loved this apartment so much before new management took over. A few months ago Betti Bardegett- Wohlfeil has became our new manager. I'm not sure what has happened within the few months but before her taking over we were planning on staying here until we found out forever home! We loved the staff(everyone in the office) and the Maintenance!! Everyone was professional, kind, understanding, and when problems arose they either fixed it that week or got ahold of so to schedule a time to come in and fix it... Since Betti has taken over this apartment has washed down the drain. She is very short and rude. When my tack strip from our carpet was coming up (exposed) and cuting the bottom of my 1 year old daughter's feet she blamed it on old management which seems to be her excuse for everything. It took over a month for our carpets to be fixed and that was with me calling at least 3 times a week to remind them that my daughter's feet were bleeding from the exposed tack strip. When they finally came to fix it they ripped up the wall in the process, tore down some of my curtains, and left my front door UNLOCKED when finished! When I brought this to the new manager Betti her reaction was nothing less of Rude! She began to say "well I assume nothing was stolen so I'm not sure what the issue is but we will contact the carpet company". It has been a few months and I feel nothing good has come out of new management. They close the office early often (more than once a week)! They fail to answer phone calls. When promised they will call you back 9/10 times they "forget to call back". Our lease ends in 2 months and she has tried to raise our rent without warning. I do not recommend living here with Betti running it.