2211 Moonlight Ln | Landlord Review

2211 Moonlight Lane, Edinburg, TX, 78541


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1 thoughts on “2211 Moonlight Ln | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Former Resident June 21, 2019

Beware these apartments even though they look nice they have roaches, mice, and mold everywhere. I made the mistake of taking over the apartment because I needed to find something fast. However before I even moved in they bomb the place so the roaches could leave only because I asked them to do so otherwise they would of said I brought them in myself, I had to scrub the place some places I did not touch because it was nasty so i didn’t use. They say you have assigned parking lies anyone at anytime parks in your spot. When I left the place I cleaned the place I was told I would get full deposit back after walk through was done and signed, did not get full deposit the Owner of these apartments prefer to be taken to civil claims court no were in the contract does it state about a standard cleaning fee if that was true why was mine not clean when I first moved in. Also the people at the office are so unprofessional just like the owner they will speak down to you no matter how nice and professional you are with them and they talk about the Residents business to you, if they do that you know they will talk about yours to them too so privacy out the window. Make sure you take video, pictures before you move in and after you can win in court for this. Nothing is to code in these apartments, and they do not like to be bothered with anything when it comes to the apartments so make sure you know your rights as a resident in Texas because we have a lot. I left this apartment without roaches or mice yet still have the audacity to take a cleaning fee. All I have to say is beware and sue if you have to it’s not expensive if you have a case they will have to pay court fees and your time.