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200 East 22nd Street, Norfolk, VA, 23517


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Resident December 15, 2018

Do NOT rent here! (Just trying to save you time & money & a major headache ) The Brightleaf building has been by the far the worst apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. 1. Let’s start with the insulation. There is none. The heat/cold does not stay out. Also, no noise insulation, so you can literally hear your neighbor sneeze. I could hear entire conversations WORD for WORD. I could hear my neighbors use the bathroom, take a shower, sing, walking around, argue and yes, have sex. 2. If you like to order things or get packages from friends and family, well be prepared for it to be stolen. In the one year I lived here, I had over $400 worth of things stolen. The carrier would leave packages in front of my door, take a picture as proof, and by the time I got back home from work, my package would be gone. This happened 6 different times. I complained to management and they did nothing about it. They didn’t even check the cameras. 3. Noise: it’s next to a Coca Cola factory as well as train tracks. 4. No privacy on the first floor. Because my apartment was next to the parking lot/ sidewalk, people would stop and look inside my apartment all day long/ all night long. Therefor, I always had to keep my blinds closed 24/7. I like to have sunlight in my house so that was really depressing for me. 5. Be very careful with the management here- very corrupt. 6. No Parking. There is not enough parking spaces for the residents, let alone guests. If you can’t find parking, you have to do street parking. My roommates car was towed because he couldn’t find street parking after looking for an hour and had to park on the side. $150. Many residents here have had the same issue. 6. Fleas. There are a lot of dogs in the building. Not all of them have had their flea treatment. 7. Trash problem- there is only one dumpster for the whole complex and it is not regularly emptied. People left their trash on the ground. It would smell disgusting. Bugs everywhere. I had to drive to go to my friends house to throw my trash out. 8. SAFETY- numerous car break ins, packages/ things get stolen, Windows do not open (fire safety issue). Police is always there for some kind of drama. Apparently, the cameras in the building are not even on. There is only one door code and people give it out their friends, family, and delivery people so this “code” that’s supposed to be for safety is kind of useless. Anyone can get in the building at any time. 9. Marijuana. It’s smelled like pot in the hallways the entire year I lived there. 10. Cheap appliances and lots of maintenance issues throughout the year.