1674 Sierra St

1674 Sierra Street Sierra Street, Redwood City, CA, 94061


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2 thoughts on “1674 Sierra St" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident March 25, 2023

This property is not a separate home. It is part of the main property lot. It was converted from an old detached garage of the main house. It was built to look like it's own separate house but everything is connected to the main house...water/sewage. The water drainage is not sufficient so drains will empty very slowly. The average cost for water, sewer and garbage for that area is approximately $145/mo but the landlord will charge you $175/mo regardless of your usage. Be sure to ask to see the bill before you sign the lease because it is on the lease contract so you will be obligated to pay regardless. The landlord will tell you everything is separate for the house but it is not. Additionally, the address is permitted to the main house so you will continuously have issues with deliveries or friends finding the property because the address does not properly show on maps. You can look up the address on official property searches...ie Redwood City's public records for permits, etc and it will show that the address does not exist. This is an accessory dwelling unit, not a single family home as advertised in rental ads. The average cost to build a 600 sq ft ADU in California is $180,000 to $240,000. This property owner spent approximately $20,000 to $60,000 to build this ADU according to public tax records. This alone tells you the quality of the home. He charges $2800/mo for a 650 sq ft unit. He advertises that it has walk in closets but the closet is approximately 5 ft x 2 ft. It is VERY small. Make sure you see the unit before signing the lease. Also it is advertised that it has hardwood floors but they are vinyl. The landlord will not be there in person to show the unit so you are unable to ask any questions on the spot. He will have a lockbox available to gain entry. The unit was built in 2017 and none of the original materials have been replaced...ie carpet, blinds. If anything breaks or wears down, he will charge you for it. The neighborhood is not safe because the street is all renters. You will have property/packages/deliveries stolen. The washer and dryer are located outside the unit which makes it very inconvenient to do laundry. Make sure to take pictures when you move in and before you move out. If there is ANYTHING remotely different the landlord will charge you a ridiculous fee. After a tenant moves out, the landlord will claim that it has been professionally cleaned but this is not true. It seems to be a simple wipe down and cleanup to appear clean but it is not disinfected so image the filth you're walking into. If you do move in, it is highly advised to do a thorough cleaning yourself. I mention all the inaccuracies of what is advertised and what he tells you to warn you that you are dealing with a dishonest landlord. He will lie to you and deny knowing of any issues you may encounter. Just a warning to you if you are inquiring about the unit, the landlord is not to be trusted so expect that you will encounter issues. Take the time to find a different rental because you will definitely find a much better value for your money. It is extremely overpriced for what you get.

Resident March 16, 2023

Property is an ADU, not single family home. It is overpriced for an ADU at 650 sq ft. Landlord will charge you flat rate of $175/mo for w/s/g without showing any bills and there is no separate meter to gauge usage. Despite requests, he will never show you an actual bill. He advertises that there is air conditioning, walk in closets, linen closet, hardwood floors but all do not exist. The property is located on a street with all renters so safety of neighborhood is questionable. I had property stolen the first week I moved in. Had issues with the plumbing. Issues with deliveries because the address does not show accurately on maps. The landlord will deny ever knowing of any of these issues and will say he's never had these problems before. Beware of renting this ADU.