1629 7th Ave

1629 7th Avenue, Grafton, WI, 53024


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3 thoughts on “1629 7th Ave" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident November 10, 2021

It is very disheartening that a long time resident with extensive medical issues is now left homeless because of this landlord. In addition, Scott filed to get her evicted so this is now on her record. She was never late on any rent payment.

Aaron October 25, 2021

I was a caretaker for a tenant that regretfully rented from Scott Tucker. He is on top of his game to repair issues on his property once tenants move out. But as far as a current tenant with issues he is not interested in maintaining property issues. Carpeting was 27 years old. Smoke detectors faulty or completely non functioning he had multiple renters on the first floor reset smoke alarm when it would go off. Those were tenants that were familiar with the issue and didn’t know that was illegal to do, I found that out by calling the fire department. That information was told to me by chief carpinski, no painting done 27 years unless u want to pay for paint and do it your self. Shingles flying off on all sides of buildings. They could injure anyone getting to close to his unmaintained building or land on your vehicle and damage that. Washer and dryer rarely working. That is listed as one of his 2 amenities to suck you in to this terrible place to live. Black mold in different parts of apartment and in storage areas. No snow removal done when it was stated it would be in lease. And snow removal company ,Jim’s maintenance “ said he never even paid bill for the last winter They provided service. Makes sense why there is no snow removal done. Weeds never trimmed or pulled ever the entire time I was there. Bathroom floor rotten and also he had no interest in any repair except putting in a shower head that u can purchase at menaces for 20 dollars. He will place blame of any of lack of maintenance issues of his property on tenants. The longer you live there and pay your rent on time the less he cares about any basic service a landlord should legally provide. Last 2 times he had workers install flooring they had music blasted and doors wide open each day they were working. And singing too. I did witness him once doing yard work. It was comical. He was using a weed walker to trim his front bushes before a showing. Left all the debris of course. This is coming from a tenant that I was care taking for that has paid her rent on time for 27 years. I warned a new tenant that was moving in to document everything. He called police and had a restraining order put on me. So she had no caretaker after that. She suffers from cops. Very sad and unbelievable a person like this rents property. He sued her for a broken smoke detector for 1200 dollars. And now is suing her for all the lack of his maintenance over the time she’s lived there. He never even did a inspection or walk through when he purchased the property. She also had money taken from her account by him he claimed was a mistake and did return it. Beware of slumlord Scott. He is the definition of a slumlord. And has no problem lying on the stand in court to a judge. So beware of renting from him. And if u do maybe were a helmet on windy days going to your vehicle. Might save you from going to the hospital from a flying shingle. There only 2 feet long roughly and have a sand paper coating. I’ve never seen someone hit yet but they have landed on vehicles. It’s windy today. I’d bey if u drove by property today u would witness this yourself. Very windy today. And black mold can be very harmful to anyone’s health especially if you have breathing issues asthma or copd. I’m sorry for anyone who already signed a lease with him but if u have, document all of his poor and unsuitable and unprofessional ways he manages his property.

Darlene October 25, 2021

The building is old and run down.Scott Tucker. does not address woven 5 ft weeds around the building.Shingles are constantly flying off the building.He will not address mold issues.Make sure you document everything and take pictures as he will deny any issues.