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1530 Knight Street, Nauvoo, IL, 62354


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John July 19, 2021

Nice Landlord but is to busy to be trying to manage a rental house, the owner lives in another state Mark just helps manage it. The rental unit that he helps manage is not up to code with the state of Illinois to be a livable rental house. It seems the owners are more about trying to make quick easy money and are not concerned about the safety and appearance and updates towards the home. The Roof house leaked for quite some time that floors are damaged, obviously a background check on tenants are not done, as the last tenant destroyed the entire house. Roof leaks, holes in walls and doors, rotted ceilings, flooring, the sewer is backed up, no insulation in the house except for a very thin layer in the attic which a large section of insulation that was in the area where the roof leaked the insulation had gotten moldy along with the surrounding areas where the water damage was from the roof . ALL doors inside and out, dishwasher, kitchen sink faucet, stove and fridge were damaged by last tenant as well as the above mentioned and landlord rented it before fixing these issues, and offered to deduct rent from the new tenets receipts for fixing things, which A LOT has been done by new tenets. There is a lot still to do in order for it to meet the state of Illinois codes to be a livable habitat. The stove has been replaced with a working one, dishwasher was taken out of home to be trashed with agreement from landlord, and the fridge is still there as it does work but is still broken (no shelves on the inside of door, does have shelves to set things inside of fridge just not inside the door as one should, also both handles for fridge and freezer have been broken off and not replace but it is still usable. The landlord knows of EVERYTHING that NEEDS to be done such as safety and hazard issues and not just cosmetic issues. The meter outside is damaged and needs to be fixed, The water spout for outside does not work, there was no clean up inside or outside that was done after old tenants moved out, so the new tenants have put many hours of work into the rental home as well as money. The new tenants painted one bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen, along with ripping out carpets in both bedrooms, buying and laying down new flooring in the first bedroom, all new outlet covers have been put in except for one light switch cover and two outlet covers which are needed for the second bedroom. Kitchen cabinet under sink when you open the doors to that cabinet the shelf that you sit your cleaners and what not on needs replaced it is starting to mold if not already completely molded underneath and it has water damage also, there is a cellar door in a little hallway towards the back of the house that nobody has yet to open so one can only imagine what might be going on down there. Not all windows have screens, because of the previous tenant and the distraction they did to the rental home the new tenants had to buy new deadbolt locks in order to have a key to the rental home and also so they would be able to lock their doors when leaving the residence. They were able to lock the doors from the inside but not from the outside because of having no key to access and unlock the doors from the outside. One of new tenets parents know the landlord interested in the landlord which is why the new tenants moved in. When the new tenants moved in they started to address issues with the house and so far the only thing that has been accomplished with anything is a little tarp has been draped over part of the roof where the roof was leaking. The Guy managing the house for the owner is just too busy, is very hard to get a hold of because of him being so busy, isn't able to fix things himself, the owner of the house is aware of everything that is going on and they said they don't want to spend thousands of dollars fixing the place up. So in the long run this is not a good rental house, should not be able to be a legal rental house until everything is up to code with the state of Illinois and nothing will be done with issues immediately. In the long run it seems just to be about collecting money and that is probably why one of the reasons the neighbors of this rental house said that the only people he has ever seen come in and out of that house renting it we're not good people. The house definitely has potential but with it like it is how it is now, it should either be torn down or sold to somebody else so that it can either be torn down or completely fixed to code standards so that it can be a safe healthy environment for a tenet/family live in.