14827 Endicott Way | Landlord Review

14827 Endicott Way, Apple Valley, MN, 55124


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2 thoughts on “14827 Endicott Way | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Lizzy Renee Gingerich June 03, 2021

I said something about my apartment landlord out of frustration here in Greenville, Texas and or TX. a few short years ago, both online AND offline, while still living AT THEIR Apartment Complex, in winter and fall of 2019 and 2018, and THAT Didn't Go TOO WELL, With my Apartment Land Lord, Oops!!! to EVERYONE And EVERYBODY Else Who Has ANY AND ALL Complaints AGAINST YOUR Land Lord(s): At Least WAIT To COMPLAIN About THEM, Once YOU'VE MOVED OUT!!! when and if YOU Ever DO Or CAN, because It's NOT A GOOD Idea To COMPLAIN About YOUR Apartment Land Lord(s), While Still Renting And Or Living In Or At THEIR PLACE(s)!!! whatever Frustration(s) YOU Might Have AGAINST YOUR Apartment Land Lord(s), Should Probably WAIT Until YOU MOVE OUT, Generally And Or Commonly Speaking Of Course!!! oops!!!! Unless IT'S An EMERGENCY Of Course......

Amy April 14, 2021

I’d give them a zero if I could slim lords that don’t fix anything at all be very careful renting from them they won t fix anything at all