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14807 South Briar Park Road, Herriman, UT, 84096


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Kyra April 07, 2021

At first Marcia And Troy Horrall seemed nice and pleasant enough. Then Marcia started moving my belongings in the kitchen around. She then posted a passive aggressive chore chart (no joke, there was 4 of us total renting four of the five rooms available in the main part of the house, the upstairs. 3 of us roomates were 33+ and we all kept the house very clean). The chore chart and any other cleaning arrangements were not in the lease agreement. We were given a list of daily chores we were expected to do. Then we were to sign up for two weekly, 2 monthly and 2 quarter chores. Then we would switch chores with the next roomate in the cycle each month. We were all flabbergasted and quite frankly offended. There was zero communication about this chore chart from the landlords Marcia and Troy Horrall. I communicated with Marcia I wouldn’t sign up on the chore chart but that I would clean on my own schedule. I also asked Marcia if she would stop moving my belongings and mentioned that may even be illegal for a landlord to do. I also asked if she’d entered my room without my permission since I moved in. Well, she got all kinds of offended and buthurt so in retaliation to her tenant’s issue she gave me a 15 day notice (which landlords can’t do, retaliate to tenant issues/concerns with eviction). She also accused me of being selfish for keeping my dirty dishes in the dishwasher until it was full enough to justify running a load. She accused me of deliberately provoking her by asking if she’d entered my room without my permission since I moved in. She accused me of never having cleaned since I moved in, that I expected her my other roomate to do all the cleaning. She also sees herself as apart if the household too, not just the landlord. She basically said my house, my rules. Don’t like it get out; without any regard to what she can and can’t do as a landlord or what was even written in her own lease. Her cleaning accusations were entirely untrue also. I cleaned up after myself every time I used the kitchen, which her cameras would show. Yup! There are two cameras in the house. One is located in the kitchen pointing towards the room I was renting and the two above me. The other was located in the living room on the second floor pointing towards the master bedroom and laundry room and other unoccupied bedroom. There were also another two security cameras watching the side entry of the house and the side of the garage. There are no cameras however covering the front entrance or the front of the house. I was told these were for security but they are positioned to watch tenants, not the vulnerable entry points into the home. After I was given the 15 day notice on Thursday, I started packing right away. Putting empty and packed boxes out of the way in the living room. I toured apartments that were recommended the next day, Friday; paying an application and administration fee. I met up my would-be roomate on Saturday. Talked more with my would-be roomate Sunday about renting at the apartments I toured in Friday. She had already seen them. Monday I started my application to the apartments I toured on Friday. I also requested access to my mail, which they denied. They said they would bring me my mail but would not provide a mail key to the property mail box. Tuesday I asked for the parking arrangement we had for my leaking car and he accused me of being unreasonable and uncommunicative. It became a personal attack against me when all I wanted was the arrangement we had made in writing, because my state’s renters guide strongly suggests getting EVERYTHING in writing. Wednesday I was told I was breaking the lease “No Utility Waste” and “Noise” rules when I took a long bath at 1am on Tuesday night/early Wed Morning. I couldn’t sleep from all the stress and anxiety they were causing so I took a bath to calm down and try and sleep so I could get to work the next morning as rested as possible. I had been accused of breaking the “noise” rule because they could hear the water running through the pipes from my bathroom, which was above their bedroom located in the basement; and that it lasted for 2 hours. I finished the application and had to tell my would-be roomate I had to move out by the following night. Troy, the husband of Marcia, on Wednesday gave me less than 24 hours to have the boxes removed from the living room or he was going to charge me a “storage fee” and to not be vindictive about it. None of this was in the lease agreement either and my roommates were okay with the boxes in the living room. He even came into the living room that night, while I was smack dab in the middle of packing, and my Roomate saw him glare at all my stuff while he shook his head. Mind through all of this I’m still working a full time job and have an hour commute both ways. Thursday I was approved for the apartments around lunch time. By 5 pm I had all accounts set up with deposit and March rent paid I was given the keys to my place. None of my friends or family could help me move on short notice though so my roomate’s had to help me move so I could be out of there by 10pm.