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148 West 100 North, Nephi, UT, 84648


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Nw mcGraw December 10, 2020

My daughter and I rented this home on August 27. We were unaware at the time we rented it but it had been vacant for three years and nothing in the homework. There was no heat, no running water and no electricity. The property had a pending light bill overdue from three years of over $800. It took the landlord until September 17 to finally pay the bill so that we were able to turn on the lights. Once the lights were turned on the breakers in the home were not working. The heater in the home was not working and there was many leaks in broken pipes. Nothing in the bathroom work. The stove had a gas leak and was not usable. The landlord gave permission for us the tenant to do the repair in Lou of rent or he would reimburse us. It was until the middle of November before we were able to move in. It is now December we have several text messages on repairs to be done in the home. The landlord agreed to reimburse on all repairs. Now he is demanding rent and unwilling to pay for repairs. He is also demanding that we sign a lease prior to him making any repairs. I’ve heard from the neighbors that they have the same problem this landlord does not take care of repairs or his responsibilities. I do not recommend to deal with this landlord. There is several other homes on the property that are unlivable, ceilings falling in old Stove and refrigerator sitting outside. Be very cautious if you choose to deal with this landlord or live with this property. There are cars on the property with people living in them. We were not aware of all these problems when we initially rented this place. Be very cautious .