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1424 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, VA, 23503


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1 thoughts on “1424 E Ocean View Ave | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident February 04, 2020

Very unsafe area a lot of crime a lot of homeless people looking around in windows and cars not good for pets no real safe sidewalks to walk be warned of beach access a lot of homeless people in beach begging for food do not orderr cable here lines to old cable equipment will not work high crime area in surrounding streets a lot of police always around here not good for kids or military families not a kid friendly area a lot of strange homeless people stand at bus stops acting like they are waiting for buses and when you leave for work they go looking in apt windows and try to find back access behind apts be very cautious about living rents are high a lot of bug infestation here especially roaches year round a lot of these properties are old and have severe pipe and plumbing issues and this area is a high flood zone for rain and hurricane your car and valuables could be damaged beaches are unmonitored so rethink your resources for what you are paying for the prices here living by the beach is not what it is worth for the price with crime homeless crimes and insect year round infestations think of your health first go inland health and safety safer for the prices you pay here ocean view is a very high crime low property area and had been for 40 years no amount of reconstruction or remake of neighborhood is going to change population growth is mainly drugs, low income, unemployed, and fixed elderly income rethink your life savings and find other places to rent also military is not really welcome again rethink resources