1408 General Mouton Ave

1408 General Mouton Avenue, Lafayette, LA, 70501


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1 thoughts on “1408 General Mouton Ave" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Chloe August 31, 2022

If you want to live in a home where your landlord lies and does not repair damages from before you moved in, then this is the place for you! Several damages when we moved in and doing a walk through before moving in she said several times she would repair all of them. She told us we either put first months rent down plus the deposit which is the same cost as first months rent or she will give it to someone else! We needed somewhere to go and she seemed like she was going to get repairs done quickly….boy were we wrong!!! She never did. We contacted her several times about repairing them, and she blocked us for “harrassment”! Our AC was broken for almost 3 whole days in 100 degree weather. Then she charged us all those extra fees and we did not get our deposit back after leaving everything how we moved in and no mess or anything wrong. I have a few landlords in the family and I would never have guessed one could be so cruel. She charged us for a locksmith fee, ac repairs, plumbing repairs, and a pressure wash fee. All above $150-200. She also charged us monthly for washer and dryer fees when our dryer was broken for a whole Month and we had to go to a nearby place to wash and dry our clothes. She told us when we moved in she was about to get the house pressure washed… she never did. I have lived a few places since moving to Lafayette and this was by far the worst landlord experience I have ever had! So beware.