1320 E 25th St

1320 E.25th Street 1320 E.25th street, Des Moines, IA, 50317


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1 thoughts on “1320 E 25th St" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Resident November 14, 2022

Came and looked at the apartment for rent, he had 2 options as well as a small house in back to look at, we decided on the apartment and came back to give our deposit a night or so later, when doing that right after giving the landlord the deposit he went and tried to show 2 people our apartment we just paid money for. That was only the first red flag. Then he didnt know if the building had central a/c or not we were told he would need to check with his buddy for that info. So he called someone and still couldnt get us the info but then went with yes it did have central a/c. So we moved in and come to find out there wasnt any a/c in the building at all and it was about 2 weeks until summer when it would get scorching hot so we were then told we would have to go out and buy a window a/c as he was not providing one for any of us , so we did amd then asked him to pay for half of it due to his lying and lacl of knowledge about his own property. He agreed to pay half but then instructed us to leave it at the apartment when we moved out which I laughed at...hes absolutely nuts if he thinks were giving him anything. Then we start to see cockroaches and mice. We figure out after 4 pest guys come out that the neighbors across from us are the problem and they have an infestation so bad that you cannot see the walls behind the fridge, this info is passed to the landlord from us as well as the pest guy and I still have to fight him to get a bug guy out to spray every few weeks. Up until about a week ago when the bug man came and let me know he finally has a contract to come monthly. But its still a constant battle with the landlord and its a nightmare having to deal with nasty neighbors who also dont pay any bills or rent and they are just geyting away with it while I have to live here next to them paying $725 a month to live with bugs and mice and have a lanlord who could care less. He is always in california. And sends his white landlord buddies to do his job when out of town. Very un truthful and does not know how to run an apartment!!