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1227 East 3rd Street, Duluth, MN, 55805


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Nikki April 22, 2019

Mike Piper is the landlord. Been here 1 yr. Have had to call the cops 10 times for domestic fighting in the apartment above us and for drug us. Mike asked us not to call the cops. Even though he was called and talked to numerous times about the problems with this building and the upstairs tenants. He didnt want us to call the cops cause he would get a nuisance violation but still did nothing in regards to the problems when notified. There is a whole slur of issues with this place included my being zapped numerous times in the kitchen due to faulty wiring. Also he doesnt give proper notice when doing showings and he helps himself into apartments without proper notice. Then today he gave us less than 2 hrs notice. I just got done with chemo so asked if he could do the showing at 2pm the next day when my fiance would be home, because I was weak and sick and my fiance was told I gave you 24hrs notice I'll be there at noon tomorrow whether we are home or not. I am very sick and weaker and this guy... I wouldnt recommend anyone living under this slumlord. If anyone has questions wants proof since we have a camera for proof. Or wants to know anything in general feel free to contact us at the email address provided.