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11807 Fieldcrest Drive, La Porte, TX, 77571


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Resident March 08, 2019

Beware when renting!! 2018-2019 Back patio unusable for the entire yr we rented. Poison oak, upper deck had someone fall thru but only 1 board replaced & roof has huge hole. Landlord said repairs would be done immediately, nothing ever done, our yard guys were weed eating flower bed upon move in landlord was suppose to mulch it, never did. I bought and spread mulch but deposit was withheld saying yard wasn't maintained. Our yard crew mowed & weed eated wkly the entire yr. Over 1/2 of deposit not returned saying things like yrd not maintained, trash left under carport that was landlords he left there before we moved in, floors not cleaned after I scrubbed them including baseboards before we left. Landlord showed house before our lease was up. He scheduled a meeting to do a walk thru together at end of lease then cancelled by text, withheld about $1000 of our deposit and wouldn't respond to us in any way. I also repainted the front door that had huge chunks of paint falling off and we had to replace the mailbox and were never compensated, not even a thank you. Rent is $1600/month with no repairs done and you will NOT get your deposit back. We also pd rent early every month & 1 time we waited til due date to pay, he texted to ask why. Don't do it!!!! I'll post pics if I can figure out how to on here but I will be posting them on fb and "rate your landlord"