103 Van Anden St

103 Van Anden Street, Auburn, NY, 13021


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2 thoughts on “103 Van Anden St" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Melody Miranda August 03, 2022

Don't rent from this character. Lied under oath to a small claims court judge and got away with it. Tried to bribe and blackmail hubby to sign a piece of paper voiding our court date and because he would not, he would not return our rent security as required by law. Does not know what he is doing, cannot repair a moldy leaking toilet and was too embarrassed to get someone that actually KNOWS what they are doing to repair it. Is a liar and a thief, avoid at all costs, you may not get your rent security back.

Rob Miranda July 29, 2022

Landlord does not care about tenants, only cares about MONEY. Landlord is a liar and a thief. Threw me out and after I left and gave him back his keys, he told me I was not getting my security money back. He never returned a penny, even though he signed a section 8 lease stating that he would return the security, minus damages if any within 14 days after tenant leaves. Would not and COULD not fix a leaking toilet while rent was still being paid. There is a lot of mold, bugs and drugs from the neighbors that he puts there. Told me I would just have to put up with all of the noise. Tried to make me go to jail by calling my wife "sweetie" and then denied it. Heat comes on for 5 minutes and then shuts off so you cant stay warm. Landlord turns hot water down to almost a trickle because he is so very stingy, always crying about money and you have to adjust the water to where YOU need it. Turns off your lights and power while you are using it. Tries to tell you how to live. AVOID LIKE YOU WANNA AVOID A CORONA VIRUS. Save yourself some trouble. Don't believe me? Then go ahead, be my guest and see for yourself.