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1001 School Street Northwest, Elk River, MN, 55330


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1 thoughts on “1001 School St NW | Landlord Review" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Former resident June 27, 2019

these apartments are some of the worst I've lived in the country. The apartments look nice enough but the staff are the worst. Maintenance does not fix thing when or the way they should and despite leaving the apartment immaculate they kept over 300$ of my 500$ deposit. the Maintenance man John sits in the office all night watching the cameras even tho they record all events among other things that didnt sit quite right with me.if you need something fixed good luck I lived in an apartment with a broken shower rod and it was supposed to be painted but never was for 2.25 years. if your thinking of renting...DO NOT! if you've read this far you must really care about you and your family please head my words. sincerely a former tenant