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2 thoughts on “10 Cirrus Dr | Landlord Reviews" It’s Time to Meet Safestan

Sandradeee December 31, 2018

Do not rent from this conplex. Not a true smoke free environment, Staff Construction crew ,vendors and owner smoke on Grounds. Construction crew street Harrament female residents. Crew use the property as there outdoor Bathroom. The Management dose not keep up with safety issues, Unlocked pool gate. Dog park feces trash left over following. Water drain cover left uncover for 2 days , a small child could fall through. Owners where told Management as well not follow up on until reported to Town Official. Handicap space use for able body Smokers. Not Luxury you would expect for high price Apartments go somewhere else!

Sandradee December 26, 2018

Do not Enforcement No Smoking Rule residents, smoking in building leave butts on rugs ,in parking lot management dose little follow up enforced penalties or fines . I have several Emergency visit for Ashma attack. Office staff sent a letter to my home from Company Lawywer not to come to the office or speak with vedor breaking the rules. I also had to put up with Street harssment from the construction crew, making gestures and animal sounds , Campinell -Thorndike are part owners Crissus Apartments. They also allow crew members to smoke on the grounds, use the parking lot and go behind tree as there private bath house. Trenda Wallace famous for sending notice about if Fidio go's to bathroom "In dogs voice I will have to leave if you do not pick up my POOP " but they could break the lease on there behalf, If you call them on peaceful enjoyment . The big Lawyers letter head come out . Not to come to the Office , they will not renew your lease . Will not answer any call when water / sprikers running all day long . The pool gate lock is left unlocked, children are riding bikes around the pool . The preson John say Day before it was to open "no-one should be in there " No -S--- has not been locked as I am telling him Crissus is responsible. I do not wanted to have to provide CPR .Someone needs to come down and lock the pool What is Emergency Mantinace For , Trenda Type a Email some come down right away! This after I say I will call the police to take Care of it. This was on Memorial Day Weekend. Many times walking down to trash it is stack outside the bins over flowing, and the stink . To many people for the bins / trash input . Must not be for what we are paying for Luxury Apartments, looks like Dump . Then to have bully who take parking space for disabled / handicap space to have people show up all time of the days 5am 9am -1pm 6pm -10 pm 2:00 in the am same car jam the door open with magnetic, then next day in the morning you see that the place card is for a female and a male or other males have been using the Car . The last comet one of the Men made when he got out of this same Car with out hang tag told me to mind my own Business. No one at Crissus is Taking care of Business Except what Good for there own Business! The manager puts incentives for free rent , pay to block negative review put people and Pets Health at risk